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Welcome Back, NFL

Well, hello there NFL. Pardon the mess but I had forgotten you were back.

Oh, who am I kidding. I've been ready for the return of NFL pretty much since the 49ers soul-crushing loss to the Giants. As heart-breaking as that loss was, it did not take me too long to be fired up for what 2011 meant for the 49ers in 2012. As Matt Ufford points out in the video above, right now, everybody has hope (well, maybe not the Giants at this point!). 49ers fans probably have a bit more hope than Browns fans right now, but even a Browns fan can hang their hat on the NFL's annual parity as a reason to think something good might finally happen for them.

The NFL kicked off with the Giants and Cowboys last night. If you missed out, or wanna see some of the more random "stuff" from last night, check out SB Nation NFL's story stream covering all the highs and lows (see Jerry Jones' personal glasses cleaner).

Of course, for us as 49ers fans, as well as anybody not rooting for the Cowboys or Giants, last night was merely an appetizer for Sunday's main course. I know I'm ready for some football.