2012 NCAA Prospects - QBs, RBs, and WRs

Hello folks,

Some of you have been asking if I was going to do any college write-ups. Initially, I thought I just wanted to only comment but I guess I got bored and felt the urge to throw one of these out there and see what sticks. In this post, I would like to formally apologize to anyone I may have offended pre-ban. I have really tried to temper my commenting on here a lot better and that was one of my conditions to return. So, thanks to those who have been kind enough to welcome me back.

With that out of the way, Week 2 of the 2012 NCAA college football season is upon us. It may be premature, but I know there are a lot of you out there that like discussing the game at this level. For those who think these types of threads are lame, well I don't know what else to say other than there are other posts on this site. Some people enjoy these.

Below, there will be Top 10 Rankings of the positions I listed in the title. Feel free to agree, disagree, make your own rankings in the comment section, challenge my opinion respectfully, or anything college football related pretty much. But I'd like to streamline the conversation to just that in this thread.


Quarterbacks School Year Height Weight
1. Matt Barkley USC Sr. 6'2" 220
2. Aaron Murray Georgia Jr. 6'1" 212
3. Tyler Bray Tennessee Jr. 6'5" 210
4. Landry Jones Oklahoma Sr. 6'4" 230
5. Tyler Wilson Arkansas Sr. 6'3" 215
6. Logan Thomas Virginia Tech Jr. 6'5" 255
7. Geno Smith West Virginia Sr. 6'3" 215
8. Kawaun Jakes Western Kentucky Sr. 6'3" 194
9. Chase Rettig Boston College Jr. 6'3" 213
10. Tino Sunseri Pittsburgh Sr. 6'2" 215


On this list, obviously Barkley is the undisputed number one. He is the most pro-ready on the list as well. If he wins a Heisman, or a National Championship, he will further solidify that spot. It would take a major meltdown from him to lose ground. The two quarterbacks seeded right behind him have so much potential but are both just Juniors. Bray is the best quarterback that the school has seen since Peyton Manning. And Aaron Murray is looking flawless so far expanding on what he did last year. Out of these two, one may stay in college, and the other go to the NFL... maybe. There are a few sleepers below them that you should keep watch on. Some of those Seniors may move up due to some of the Juniors deciding to stay and finish their educations; particularly with the new rookie wage scale in place.



Running Backs School Year Height Weight
1. Montee Ball Wisconsin Sr. 5'11" 220
2. Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Jr. 6'0" 230
3. Spencer Ware LSU Sr. 5'11" 225
4. Eddie Lacy Alabama Sr. 5'10" 220
5. Knile Davis Arkansas Jr. 6'0" 230
6. Cierre Wood Notre Dame Jr. 5'11" 212
7. LeVeon Bell Michigan State Sr. 6'2" 245
8. Johnathan Franklin UCLA Sr. 5'11" 195
9. Andre Ellington Clemson Sr. 5'9" 198
10. Shawn Southward Troy Jr. 6'1" 200


This is a talented bunch from the top to the bottom. It was very hard to rank these players in my mind because they all do things well in different ways. But Ball, being one of the Heisman favorites, and playing in the pro system that he does up north seems like he has been the consensus number one back. Some will argue that Lattimore is better, and he could be by seasons end... really, they should be 1a. and 1b. - it's really that close. Shawn Southward is a sleeper out of Troy that people should watch climb the boards and rankings as the year progresses. Everybody else is fighting for middle spots on that list.



Wide Reicevers School Year Height Weight
1. Cobi Hamilton Arkansas Sr. 6'3" 210
2. Robert Woods USC Jr. 6'1" 190
3. Kenny Stills Oklahoma Sr. 6'0" 190
4. Justin Hunter Tennessee Jr. 6'4" 206
5. Keenan Allen California Jr. 6'3" 203
6. Tavarres King Georgia Jr. 6'0" 191
7. Roy Roundtree Michigan Sr. 6'0" 185
8. Emory Blake Auburn Sr. 6'1" 201
9. Connor Vernon Duke Sr. 6'1" 200
10. DeAndre Hopkins Clemson Jr. 6'1" 200


Last of the three positions I'll focus on ... the receivers. I've seen far too many people place Robert Woods at the number one spot. But once they really start paying attention to Cobi, he will surely separate himself from Woods. Besides, there is just something about USC wide receivers that say "bust" to me... and maybe it's coincidental in that I think of a 49ers wide receiver that was drafted to do big things ... last name Woods, first name Reshaun. Different school, but still. So many good receivers on this list and there are many more outside of it. And even more too young to be drafted just yet. Kenny Stills could emerge as a front runner depending on how his quarterback performs as well. Tennessee's quarterback, Tyler Bray should help Justin Hunter explode on to the scene. And Keenan Allen could be a big time sleeper to focus on. There will be a lot of movement on this board throughout the year. But right now, I like it the way it is.

...So, lets have your thoughts on these. If you'd like to keep the discussion rolling all week, you know what to do.

Big thanks to manraj7 for holding down the fort on these matters for the draft season. He did a great job and deserves a virtual round of applause. And will, I am sure contribute with his own college threads as well. Hopefully anyway. His thoughts are valued here too.

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