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Golden Nuggets: One Day From A 49ers Victory?

Hey all, we're going to jump right into the linkage for the day. It's super late and the Nuggets are do in a little bit, ya know. Anyway, we're a day away from the beginning of the 49ers season. Can you believe that? Despite all of my whining and complaining, this did seem to be a relatively quick offseason. Go Niners. Onto the links.

49ers Vs. Packers: Randy Moss Has Everyone Right Where He Wants Them ... Or Does He? (Brady)

49ers Vs. Packers: Could San Francisco's First And Second Round Picks Be Inactive? (Faaborg)

Injury report: 49ers-Packers (Barrows)

49ers-Packers matchups to watch: Davis vs. Perry (Maiocco)

Harbaugh shuts down questions on Kyle Williams (Barrows)

Week 1 hashmarks: 10 things to know about 49ers-Packers (Inman)

Randy Moss still outpacing Father Time (Branch)

Niners LBs are NFL's new 'Fearsome Foursome' (Scout)

Williams has teammates' support as pending punt returner (Inman)

Maiocco's NFL predictions: Good season ahead for Bay Area (Maiocco)

Tracking The Enemy: NFC West And AFC West Matchups In Week 1 (Brady)

Colin Kaepernick's read-option puts Packers on notice (NFL)

Harbaugh has rooting interest as Western Kentucky's Taggart takes on No. 1 Alabama (Inman)

American Badass (

49ers Vs. Packers Preview: Balance On Defense, Perfection On Offense (Brady)

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