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Golden Nuggets: 49ers vs Packers, Let the Games Begin

How big can the first game of the season actually be? Last year we set a good tone by beating with field position and special teams play. The rest of the season followed that pattern and you know the rest. The problem is, this year's opening game is against a Super Bowl favorite. It seems like their name pops up the most in Super Bowl predictions and season forecasts. And it's in Green Bay. The good thing about such a difficult first game is that it's not a big deal if we lose. It's not great, but there's not a team in the League that would be a favorite going into Lambeau and we're no different. That takes a bit of the pressure off. A win is, of course, spectacular, but a loss in a hard fought game will not be viewed as a season changing event.

This last Friday, we began a new weekly segment called This Week in Niners Nation. It's going to be a weekly recap of the news and all things 49ers. It's also going to highlight a lot of the posts that get knocked down the front page in rapid succession during the height of football season. There will be a few featured fanposts as well. I'll include a link to it at the bottom of today's Nuggets, if for no other reason than I get to put my name in parenthesis behind the link, making me feel important.


Green Bay is 21-4 at home in the last three seasons. We haven't won in Lambeau since 1990 and haven't beaten the Packers anywhere since 1999. These are some of the odds we are facing people. A win sets the tone for a spectacular season. | September road test looms in Green Bay. (SFGate)

It appears that if Aaron Rodgers and the Packers lose he will have to wear an Alex Smith jersey. I wonder if we could sneak him in in week 2? | Forever linked: Rodgers could be in 49ers jersey on Monday. (Maiocco)

What will it take for us to beat the Packers? Kevin Lynch at SFGate has 5 keys to this afternoon's game. We clearly have to slow down the vaunted Green Bay passing attack. Two of the keys are our front 4 getting pressure and our DBs succeeding against multiple receiver sets. Needless to say...if we can slow down the passing attack our chances of winning go from slim to good. | What the 49ers need to do to win in Green Bay. (Lynch)

Grant Cohn, in his weekly feature called "Pissing off the 49ers Faithful" has selected the Green Bay Packers to beat the 49ers in the season opener. Well...the prediction echoes most of the national media. But the 146 comments that follow it, well....let's just say, don't let your kids read it. | Prediction: Packers defeat 49ers. (Cohn)

49ers, Harbaugh fully embrace Kyle Williams as punt returner. (Inman)

Defense prepares for hard-throwing Aaron Rodgers. (Inman)

Ted Ginn Jr., Brandon Jacobs not practicing. (Inman)

Something has to give in titanic opener. (

49ers - Packers matchups to watch: Vernon Davis vs Charles Woodson. (Maiocco)

Jim Harbaugh on facing formidable Packers. (SFGate)

Contrasting styles for 49ers, Packers in opener. (Press Democrat)


What are the similarities between Bill Walsh and Jim Harbaugh? Stanford. 49ers. Grooming a QB to win you 3 Super Bowls. Yeah. | In grooming Colin Kaepernick, is Jim Harbaugh channeling Bill Walsh? (BASG)

Did you know the Philadelphia Eagles lead the League in regular season cap space? Why is a national news article on cap space featuring here in the Nuggets? We're either first in space or last in space...Hmm... | Eagles lead the way in regular season cap space. (ProFootballTalk)

What's the ideal output for Randy Moss this season? Well, aside from TDs and YAC, he's got another stat category that I just invented called YWRLIS which is Young Wide Receivers Learning Important Stuff (or Sh-- for the foul-mouthed among us). This article deals with the latter. He's been a great mentor so far to our young receving corp. | School's in for Professor Randy Moss. (Branch)

Trenton Robinson: Hard work pays off. (


Matt & Mindi: Grand unveiling for 49ers offense Sunday. (CSN Bay Area)

And finally, the most important link of all... look at that name behind it. What a beaut. If only my dad had the internet and the ability to figure out the keyboard, he'd be so proud. Have a look and we'll try and add some fun and bell's and whistles or whatever else it takes to make it an enjoyable weekly segment. Enjoy.

This Week in Niners Nation: Week 1, 2012 Edition. (Malone)


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