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NFL Week 1: Sunday Morning Game Thread

Football is back! Wednesday was an appetizer, a tease, whatever you want to call it. Today is when things get real. The 49ers don't get going for a few hours, so go ahead and kick back and enjoy some AM football.

The morning brings all sorts of interesting storylines. The most interesting have to be RG3 and Andrew Luck each making their debuts. Both will be going on the road in their debuts, with Luck getting the Bears defense and RG3 getting the reinvigorated, un-suspended Saints defense. I'm not sure what to make of the suspensions as far as if it will fire up the Saints defense.

Enjoy some morning football, and we'll be back with plenty of details heading into the 49ers game. We'll have an inactive report an hour and a half before the game, and then our first game thread 15-30 minutes before game time. I'm just a little bit excited!