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49ers Vs. Packers: Jim Harbaugh Might Blow A Blood Vessel

The 49ers have gotten off to a solid enough start, but some questionable officiating calls by the replacement refs has Jim Harbaugh fired (Harbaugh GIF) up beyond anything I think we've seen to date. The refs called a block in the back on C.J. Spillman even though he was the one who was pushed down. They also called Aldon Smith for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for removing his penalty. The helmet looked like it was starting to come off and Aldon may have instinctually reached for it. Whatever the case, Harbs is pissed.

The 49ers are off to a solid start with the defense containing the dynamic Packers passing attack. And when the Packers try and rush Cedric Benson? Well, it's kinda cute to watch. The 49ers offense needs to get going, but for now, fingers crossed the offense can keep things going. Alex Smith is finding his receivers and the rushing attack is developing as we move along. The 49ers need to just need to keep on moving the ball. Fingers crossed.