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49ers Vs. Packers: Time For Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter To Finish This

We're heading into the fourth quarter with the 49ers leading the Packers 23-7 and the Packers holding the ball. The 49ers have done a lot of good things, but this is a very dangerous Packers squad. The Packers just converted a first down and are approaching midfield. They will look to pressure the 49ers defense in the fourth quarter, so hopefully the defense does not get too soft in this final quarter. Bend but don't break isn't awful, but the defense needs to stay aggressive.

On the offensive side of the ball, the passing game has done some great work. They will likely need to make some conversions in the fourth quarter, but the rushing game comes squarely into focus. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter have combined to rush 19 times for 114 yards. They'll need to keep up the strong average to put this game away. The 49ers are in a position to start the season as well as they could possibly expect. There is no room for a letdown.