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49ers Defeat Packers: Who's Got It Better Than Us?!

As we head into the evening follow the 49ers clutch road win over the Green Bay Packers, I have to say, not too shabby! The 49ers brought it today and secured a road win that most doubted they could win. Heck, in my three pivotal road games video, I suggested the 49ers would potentially lose this game. As I said in the video, let's just consider it a reverse-jinx!

As we close out Sunday of Week 1, we can enjoy the sleep of the victorious as our beloved 49ers took the first step in their mission towards Super Bowl XLVI. There is plenty of football to be played and much to accomplish. But in the meantime, we can definitely enjoy this afternoon's hard fought victory over the Packers.

In light of the victory, I thought we'd roll with this video to close out the evening. I remain a fan, but feel free drop your own suggestions into the comments. Have a good night 49er fans!