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Greg Roman mentioned in connection with Browns, Eagles head coaching vacancies

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49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman has been mentioned in connection with multiple NFL head coaching vacancies. Where could the 49ers OC end up?


As the 49ers begin their preparations for the playoffs, head coach Jim Harbaugh will likely have to deal without some members of his coaching staff for stretches of this week. Since the 49ers have a bye week, their assistant coaches are available for head coach interviews through Sunday, January 6. After that, they are unavailable until potentially the bye week after the NFC Championship Game, if the 49ers are still alive.

The most prominent name among Jim Harbaugh's assistant coaches is Greg Roman. Although others have more experience, Roman is the one most likely to fill a head coaching vacancy this year. According to Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot, Roman has been mentioned in connection with the Browns vacancy, and is also expected to interview for the Eagles vacancy.

Roman went to John Carroll University in Ohio, so there is some connection to the state. He is also a native of south New Jersey, so the Eagles would be close to home for him. I don't think location is a huge deal, but having the connection to the region doesn't hurt.

Brad Seely and Vic Fangio could also find themselves in the hunt for head coaching jobs, but even with all the Black Monday firings, the numbers game probably is not in their favor. It will be interesting to see how far Roman progresses in the job search. There are still potential vacancies that could open up in the coming days.

One such potential vacancy is with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team has not yet fired head coach Mike Mularkey, but it sounds like ownership will wait until a new GM is in place before figuring out the head coach situation. 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble is a potential front-runner for that job, and he might very well decide he wants to bring Greg Roman along with him. There is nothing to specifically indicate that is the case, but it is something to keep in mind as we move through the week.