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49ers vs. Packers, 2013 NFL playoffs: David Akers will kick Saturday

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Jim Harbaugh announced his kicker for Saturday's 49ers-Packers game. Find out who it is!


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh held his final press conference of the week on Thursday, and in response to the first question, he announced that David Akers would be the team's kicker on Saturday against the Green Bay Packers. Harbaugh followed up stating that Billy Cundiff would remain on the roster.

The team signed Billy Cundiff during their bye week and allowed him to compete with David Akers for the starting kicking spot. Akers has struggled for much of this season, and at one point aggravated double hernia surgery he dealt with over the offseason. Cundiff and Akers both had a chance to kick over the last week, and it appears Akers did enough to hold on to his job.

Keeping Cundiff obviously opens the door for a change if the team advances. It will also be interesting to see if the team keeps both Akers and Cundiff active this Saturday. On Monday, Harbaugh said it was possible, but that was also in response to a leading question. Akers was not on the injury report Wednesday, so it would appear he is healthy. If that is the case, I would be a bit surprised if the team kept Cundiff active as well on Saturday.