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49ers new stadium tour: Pictures of the Santa Clara stadium

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A user on Reddit took part in a tour of the 49ers new stadium, currently under construction in Santa Clara. We take a look at some of his pictures.


While the San Francisco 49ers have plenty to keep them occupied this week (and hopefully over the next few weeks), construction on the team's new Santa Clara stadium continues onward. The stadium is scheduled to open in 2014, and if the pace continues into the spring, the 49ers should be considered a favorite to claim hosting privileges for Super Bowl L.

A user over at Reddit had the opportunity to take a tour of the construction site, and was kind enough to provide a photo gallery. If you want to check out the stadium, particularly if you are looking to get some tickets for when it opens, the stadium website provides an option for setting up tours. If you take a tour, try and get some pictures and send them along, or post a FanPost about your visit to the new stadium.

Speaking of which, how many people here have tickets or will be getting tickets for the new stadium?