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49ers vs. Packers: Public transportation options for getting to the NFL playoffs

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We break down the public transportation options in San Francisco for Saturday's 49ers-Packers divisional round playoff game.


The 49ers and Packers square off later today with a trip to the NFC Championship Game on the line. It should be a busy day of getting to and from Candlestick Park for the early evening game. Most Niners Nation readers will be watching the game at home or in a bar, but for those of you living in SF, or simply visiting for the game, public transportation can be an excellent option if you don't want to fight traffic.

Here is a rundown of the various transit options if you elect to take public transportation. My favorite has always been the T-Third line, but the 77 down Van Ness is a solid option as well. If you are taking BART from the East Bay, your best bet would be taking it in to the Embarcadero, then getting off and switching to the T-Third Muni line at the same Embarcadero station. If you're taking BART up from the peninsula, your best bet is to take it to Balboa Park Station and hope on the 75X to the Stick.

49ers Game Transit Information

The bus will cost $12 for adults or $8 if you have a Muni pass. It is $10 for youth, seniors disabled and Medicare card holders, or $8 if you have a Muni pass. Muni customers may purchase their fare in advance. SFMTA staff will sell Muni fares at the following locations:

  • Balboa Park BART Station
  • Sutter Street/Sansome Street

Pre-game Service (begins at 1pm, ends at 5pm):

  • 75X Candlestick Express - from Balboa Park BART - every 10 minutes, nonstop to stadium - 26 minute trip
  • 77X Candlestick Express - from California and Van Ness - every four minutes, making 77X stops - 26 minute trip
  • 78X Candlestick Express - from California and Funston - every 5 minutes, making 78X stops - 43 minute trip
  • 79X Candlestick Express - from Sutter and Sansome - every 3 minutes, making 79X stops - 22 minute trip
  • 86 Candlestick Shuttle - from Bacon and San Bruno - every 10 minutes, nonstop to stadium - 12 minute tripe
  • 87 Candlestick Shuttle - from Third Street and Gillman, T Third Station - every 5 minutes, nonstop to stadium - 5 minute trip (simply walk down Gilman if the bus isn't there when you arrive on the T-Third line)

Post-game Service:

Buses normally begin return trips during the 4th Quarter or when there are significant numbers of customers waiting to leave. All express and shuttle service pick up on the loop on the west side of the stadium close to the drop-off point. Route numbers are posted. Show your round-trip football transfer to Muni personnel when boarding express vehicles. Service continues after the game until all waiting customers have been accommodated.

  • 75X Candlestick Express - to Balboa Park BART
  • 77X Candlestick Express - to Van Ness and North Point
  • 78X Candlestick Express - to California and Funston
  • 79X Candlestick Express - to Kearny and Sutter
  • 86 Candlestick Shuttle - to Bacon and San Bruno
  • 87 Candlestick Shuttle - to Third Street and Gillman, T Third Station