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49ers vs. Packers weather forecast: Chilly, light breeze

The San Francisco 49ers earned a huge gift two weeks ago in Week 17 when they beat the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings upset the Green Bay Packers. The results moved the 49ers from the No. 3 seed to the No. 2 seed, earning the 49ers a much needed week of rest through the wild card round. The week likely boosted Justin Smith's ability to help the team, gave the coaching staff extra time to prepare, and of course gave the 49ers a home game in the divisional round.

This bye week was particularly important in light of just how cold it can get in Green Bay. The 49ers are looking at game-time temperatures in the mid-40s, with a light breeze and mostly clear skies at Candlestick Park. Had the 49ers traveled to Green Bay this weekend, the tundra of Lambeau Field would indeed be frozen, with temperatures in the high 20s by game time. No thanks!