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Jeremy Ross fumble sets up huge Michael Crabtree touchdown

The San Francisco 49ers benefited from a huge second quarter turnover, which put them in position to tie the game at 14. Packers punt returner Jeremy Ross came on after a 49ers drive stalled out and proceeded to muff the punt. Ross replaced Randall Cobb as the Packers have felt he has been relatively ineffective recently. It will be interesting to see if Cobb makes his way back out for future returns.

This GIF just about explains how Ross feels with the fumble.


The 49ers started the ensuing drive at the nine yard line. The first two plays of the drive were not pretty. Clay Mathews deflected a pass attempt to Bruce Miller. That was followed by a bad snap that saw Colin Kaepernick not ready. On third and goal from the 12, Kaepernick took care of business though, as he connected with Michael Crabtree for a game-tying touchdown.

The 49ers have just picked Aaron Rodgers and have the ball at mid-field, tied 14-14.