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Joe Staley injury: 49ers LT dealing with right arm injury [GIF]

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The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers are in the middle of a shootout, but one has to wonder if the 49ers will be without a key piece at some point in the near future. Left tackle Joe Staley is still in the game, but he is clearly dealing with some kind of right arm injury. This GIF shows Staley after one play shaking his arm quite violently.


Several other replays have shown Staley grimacing and holding the arm throughout the first half. Since Staley has not left the field, there has not been an update from team officials. He has been working with medical personnel in between offensive drives, but otherwise he has been continuing to play. Unless he leaves the team, we likely are left to wonder what the issue is. For now, the big man is fighting through the pain.

The 49ers and Packers currently sit tied at 21, heading into the final two minutes of the second quarter.