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49ers vs. Packers score update: Wild first half sets up final 30 minutes

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We take a look at the first half, and open a thread for third quarter discussion.

Harry How

If the second half is anything like the first half, it is safe to say I might not make it through the night. The San Francisco 49ers come out for the second half leading the Green Bay Packers 24-21 after a wild and wooly first half. The 49ers closed out the half with a 36-yard field goal by David Akers.

The two NFC heavy-weights traded haymakers throughout the first half, in a game that is looking to live up to the wild Ravens win over the Broncos earlier in the day. Personally, I'd prefer the 49ers come out guns a-blazing in the second half, but I have a hunch the football gods are looking to give me a heart attack.

The 49ers offense has done a good job responding thus far, and now it will be up to the 49ers defense to adjust to what they are seeing from Aaron Rodgers in the passing attack, and DuJuan Harris in the rushing attack. Of course, the Packers will adjust to Colin Kaepernick's ridiculous rushing first half. Except more spying on Kaepernick by the Packers defense. If that happens, it'll be interesting to see how the 49ers QB responds in the passing game.