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Colin Kaepernick sets 49ers single game playoff rushing record

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The San Francisco 49ers built their team around strong rushing, and they are getting a strong rushing day in their divisional round matchup against the Green Bay Packers. Of course, that performance is coming from QB Colin Kaepernick, and not running back Frank Gore. Through three quarters, Colin Kaepernick has rushed for 163 yards and two touchdowns on 12 carries.


Kaepernick's performance set the NFL postseason record for a quarterback, but it also set the 49ers single game playoff rushing record. The previous record was held by Roger Craig, who rushed for 135 yards on January 1, 1989. With a quarter to play, Kaepernick has a chance to add to his record.

Kap has been a strong scrambler since taking over as starting quarterback, but this game has seen him more willing to pull the ball down and run. Additionally, he has been more open to holding on to the ball on the read option. He would run in the regular season, but the read option was often more about the running back getting the ball. Maybe Kap was and the 49ers were playing possum a little bit.