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49ers injury report: Joe Staley bruises arm

The 49ers emerged from their 45-31 win over the Packers relatively healthy. We take a look at some of the injuries during the game.


The 49ers wrapped up a dominant 45-31 win and they will head into the NFC Championship Game in relatively healthy fashion. Justin Smith was able to make it through the game without any issues, which was really the key.

The big news, injury-wise, to come out of this game was Joe Staley dealing with an arm injury. He is reportedly dealing with a bad bruise after taking a shot from Clay Mathews. It was very clear Staley was hurt in the first half as I posted a GIF earlier showing him grimacing and in pain after one of Kaepernick's scrambles.

I suspect he'll show up as limited all week in practice while the 49ers try and get him back and healthy for next Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Staley stepped up and gutted it out, which proved pretty key. Since he did not leave the game, we never got an injury status update. I don't imagine much detail from Coach Harbaugh this week, so we'll see if he's listed as anything other than "limited" on the injury report later this week.

The other injury during the game was Chris Culliver dealing with cramps. He left the game in the third quarter with cramps, as Tramaine Brock replaced him. I believe Culliver made it back on to the field, so this was likely just a temporary issue.

And so, the 49ers move on. They'll face the Seahawks at home or the Falcons on the road, but thankfully they'll be in relatively good health heading into the game. We'll keep an eye out for more updates on Staley's arm, but hopefully it clears up over the next few days.