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Sarah Harbaugh: 'I really don't like Seattle at all' [auto-play]

JIm Harbaugh's wife, Sarah, had comments about the Seattle Seahawks on the post-game show following 49ers-Packers. Check out the video.

Sarah Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh's wife, made her second straight appearance on the 49ers Postgame Live show and had a brief, but choice comment about the Seattle Seahawks. Sarah appeared two weeks ago alongside Alex Boone when the 49ers beat the Cardinals and agreed to continue appearing with Boone when the 49ers won.

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Sarah and Alex were each asked who they would prefer from the Seahawks and the Falcons. Boone was fairly diplomatic, saying either would be a tough opponent and he is just happy to move on to the NFC Championship Game. Harbaugh said she did not like Seattle at all, but that she would prefer to be at home next week.

It wasn't anything big, but that doesn't make it any less funny. We would never hear anything remotely like this from Jim Harbaugh. Maybe moving forward, Sarah can be the public mouthpiece for how Jim Harbaugh really feels. He can provide her with his actual thoughts and let her say them in public, while he provide as little detail as humanly possible to the media.