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49ers vs. Packers: Player reactions on Twitter

The 49ers players had plenty of excited reactions on Twitter following their big win over the Green Bay Packers. We take a look at some of them.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are an active team on social media, and after games they usually have plenty to say. The last day has been no exception. The 49ers dominated the Packers on Saturday, and 49ers players are feeling good about it. The team is playing with serious confidence, knowing that when they play their best, they can beat anybody. The 49ers need to maintain consistency to do that, of course, but if you had every team playing their best, I'm just not sure anybody can beat this team. It makes the player confidence all the more understandable.

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As usual, right tackle Anthony Davis brings some of the more entertaining tweets. He generally tells it like it is on Twitter, which usually makes for entertaining stuff.

Davis also got some love from his two fellow offensive linemen on Twitter:

The band wagon is starting to fill up, as Chris Culliver pointed out. If the 49ers win the NFC Championship Game, it is safe to say it will be even crazier.

Here are a few more tweets from last night and this morning

Even Brandon Jacobs chimed in today:

This is