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NFL playoff schedule 2013: Conference championship games set

The NFL's divisional round is officially a wrap. We take a look ahead to the upcoming conference title games.

The NFL divisional round wrapped up Sunday evening, closing a weekend that was the highest scoring divisional round in NFL history. We got three great games, and then the Patriots and Texans wrapped it up with a bit of a stinker. It was probably good to close on a blah note given how ridiculous the first three games were.

Our 49ers had the biggest blowout of the weekend, but I think many non-49ers (and non-Packers) fans could get into it because of the excitement Colin Kaepernick & Co. brought to the table. Blowouts can often be boring, but when you've got a dynamic quarterback slicing and dicing the defense, it can be a lot of fun. I'm sure there is NO bias in that statement.

And now we head to the final four of the NFL's playoff. The New England Patriots will host the Baltimore Ravens in a rematch of last year's wild AFC title game. The Atlanta Falcons will host our 49ers, marking the 49ers second straight trip to the conference championship.

The 49ers and Falcons get going at noon PT, with the FOX pre-game show starting at 11:00 a.m. The Patriots and Ravens get going at 3:30 p.m. PT on CBS. While the Super Bowl is usually a letdown compared to the rest of the playoff games, we've got a final four that features a strong mix of teams. There is no guarantee of an entertaining Super Bowl, but those four teams can all put up points and keep the masses entertained.

For now though, before we can get into any detail about the Super Bowl, the 49ers need to take care of business in Atlanta. The 49ers opened as a 3-point favorite, and the line has already moved up to 3 1/2. The 49ers can win as favorites, but Jim Harbaugh will look for every edge in trying to get his team feeling like an underdog. It should make for an interesting week dealing with the media.

49ers recap video

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