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Tom Brady sets NFL postseason wins record, can't undo two postseason losses

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We take a look at the news that Tom Brady set the NFL record for postseason wins, surpassing 49ers QB Joe Montana

Jim Rogash

The New England Patriots knocked out the Houston Texans on Sunday, and in doing so, Tom Brady earned his 17th postseason "win". The win moved him out of a tie with San Francisco 49ers QB Joe Montana, and into first place. While I don't buy into QB wins, Brady is certainly a great quarterback who has put together a Hall of Fame career.

Of course, while Brady holds the record for postseason wins, he will never be able to match Joe Montana's pristine 4-0 Super Bowl record. It might be a kinda stupid to throw that out there, but what the heck. It really is hard to compare quarterbacks across eras. The rules have changed so much to protect the quarterback that any comparison would be tough. Your best bet is comparing Brady against quarterbacks in his own era, comparing other QBs with their own eras, and comparing the difference from there. That's one reason wide receiver Don Hutson occasionally ends up in the all-time great discussion near Jerry Rice.

The 49ers and Patriots remain alive with a chance to meet up in Super Bowl XLVII. Of all the potential Super Bowl matchups still remaining, this holds arguably the best combination of on- an off-field storylines. On the field you've got a rematch of a wildly entertaining Sunday Night Football contest back in Week 15. These two teams have entertaining styles that could make for a great Super Bowl. Off the field you've got Tom Brady's love of Joe Montana, having grown up in the Bay Area. You've also got Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick competing to see who could say the least during media day, while providing the lengthiest Super Bowl injury reports ever. Good times!