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Golden Nuggets: 49ers to face off against Falcons; Love the matchup

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Monday, January 14, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Kevin C. Cox

Yesterday's games concluded the Divisional Round of this years NFL playoffs, and what a doozy it was. The Saturday games featured a 2OT thriller and a record-breaking performance by our very own burgeoning superstar Colin Kaepernick. Yesterday's early game featured the Falcons and the Seahawks. Seattle nearly pulled it out, but Atlanta nailed the game-winning field goal, as you should all know by now. The later game was anticlimactic, as the Patriots outpaced a Houston Texans team that is clearly a notch below the elite teams.

As for the Seahawks game...I'm torn about the result. I was dreaming of the 49ers knocking Seattle from the playoffs, but I think the matchup with Atlanta is much more favorable. The Falcons can't stop the run, were absolutely lit up by Zach Miller, the Seahawks' tight end, and are prone to self-destructing. I mean, seriously, if Miller can do that to the Falcons, Vernon Davis must be licking his lips. Also, Cam Newton had a ton of success against them this season running the read-option and I think that Kaepernick, with Coach Harbaugh behind him, is more dangerous than Newton. On the flipside, it would have been great to watch the arrogant Richard Sherman and his arrogant coach walk off of the field in Candlestick with their heads held low. Alas, we'll live vicariously, and thank you Falcons, for ridding the league of it's biggest pest for 7 months.

As for the links....I've pared them down a bit, cause there was a ton. Trying not to repeat the same story twice and trying to give each of the writers a bit of love.

49ers 45, Packers 31

BASG has a great post about the 49ers' victory over the Packers. It shows that the true strength of the team's offense is not the quarterback, not Frank Gore, not the receivers or tight ends...but the offensive line. What they did yesterday was phenomenal. Hats off to everyone on offense, but the line played as good a game as a line could play. | With win over Packers, 49ers reaffirm their identity (BASG)

Cam Inman hands out grades for the game against the Packers. Let's just say we could get into Stanford with that report card. | Report card: 'A' terrific comeback earns 49ers spot in NFC Final (Inman)

Even Packers' GM Ted Thompson was amazed by Colin Kaepernick's performance. | Packers GM on Colin Kaepernick: 'That was special' (

Matt Maiocco looks at the defenses performance. We started slow, but when it matters most, the second half, the defense clamped down. Green Bay and all-world QB Aaron Rodgers were rendered helpless. Justin Smith is singled out for praise. | Defensive film review: Same ol' Justin Smith (Maiocco)

Now Maiocco looks at the offense. So many words can and will be written about the 49ers' offensive performance. Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, the line, and, of course, Kaepernick all shined. | 49ers film review: 49ers hold block party (Maiocco)

Film review: Greg Roman dials up a masterful game plan. (Gin)

Kaepernick says offensive line dominated the Packers (Pro Football Talk)

Justin Smith not hindered by injury in 49ers' playoff win over Packers (Mercury News)

NFC Conference Championship Game: 49ers at Falcons

Mike Sando has a good first look at the 49ers at Falcons NFCCG. He hasn't come out and said it, but it sounds like he like our odds. I do to. The Falcons were 29th in yards per rushing attempt allowed. We're literally going to run all over them. Matt Ryan beat blitzes frequently against Seattle, but we generate pressure with our front four. They'll have their hands full. | Quick take: 49ers at Falcons (Sando)

Matt Barrows chimes in with his thought on the NFCCG. He also notes the Falcons' struggles against running quarterbacks. Cam Newton and the Panthers struggled for much of the year, but were 1-1 vs the Falcons and nearly won both games. | Running story: Nolan's Falcons have struggled with mobile quarterbacks (Barrows)

Done deal: 49ers heading to face Falcons in Georgia Dome for NFC title (Inman)

49ers will face the Falcons for the NFC Championship (Gin)

49ers get date with their demons in dome (Killion)

Colin Kaepernick to test Falcons (Branch)

Assorted News

Now you may remember what I said yesterday...I think Greg Roman just coached himself into a HC job. Now, some sports geniuses have said the same thing. There's a video on coaching vacancies...but nerdburger notes that if you were David Caldwell, new GM for the Jacksonville Jaguards, would you want your biggest move to be the hiring of your best friend? Hmm.... | Greg Roman could be pursued by Jaguars (

Colin Kaepernick proves again why chosen over Alex Smith (Examiner)

Jim Harbaugh quickly moving into Bill Walsh territory (Poole)

Colin Kaepernick's star rises (Kawakami)


49ers move on to NFC Championship Game (

Cover 2: Packers at 49ers (

Matt & Mindi: Thorough domination by 49ers (CSN Bay Area)

Many fans ejected, arrested at Niners' game (NBC Bay Area)

Being a Sheep

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