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Colin Kaepernick vs. Packers: 'Don't sleep on me, I told ya!'

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We take a look at a great GIF of Colin Kaepernick during the third quarter of the 49ers-Packers divisional matchup

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

During Saturday's 49ers-Packers game, Colin Kaepernick was spotted on the sideline talking with I believe practice squad member Curtis Taylor. If you can't read Kaepernick's lips, he appears to be saying, "Don't sleep on me, I told ya!" Taylor's response would seem to confirm that.


One of the keys to Colin Kaepernick's success is his unassailable confidence. This is easily seen by his ability to respond when he makes what could be game-changing mistakes. In his now eight career starts, Kaepernick has thrown four interceptions and lost a fumble. The interceptions occurred against the Saints, Patriots, Seahawks and Packers, while the fumble occurred against the St. Louis Rams.

In all five instances, on the 49ers next offensive drive, the 49ers scored four touchdowns and kicked on field goal. Kaepernick's responsibility on each of the scoring drives varied, and sometimes dependent on bad plays by the opposing team. However, his ability to move past mistakes is a crucial component of why Kaepernick is who he is. When he threw that pick against the Packers, my first comment on Twitter was about how important the next drive was. It is easy for young players to get overwhelmed by the moment.

It's only been one playoff game, but Colin Kaepernick seems like a quarterback who embraces the moment. There is a lot of football left to be played if the 49ers want to claim their sixth Lombardi trophy, and Kaepernick will likely face more adversity along the way. If he can continue to respond as he has thus far, the 49ers are in good shape.

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