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Packers blogger makes good on bet with Niners Nation

The lead blogger at Acme Packing Company makes good on a wager with Niners Nation, following Saturday's 45-31 thumping by the 49ers.

Working here in the SB Nation offices, I am surrounded by a few other bloggers. One such blogger is Kevin McCauley, lead writer for our Packers blog, Acme Packing Company.

Since the 49ers and Packers were squaring off this past weekend, it seemed fairly obvious that we had to work on a wager related to the game. After some discussion, we initially planned on simply the loser wearing a jersey of the winner, with a quick picture. However, knowing that we have our fine studio to touch things up, we decided that the loser of the bet would also have to shoot a quick video wearing the jersey while reciting a script prepared by the winner.

And thus, we have this fantastic video. Naturally I had to get in a jab at Aaron Rodgers and his reported bet with one of the members of Boyz II Men. And a few other quick comments about the awesomeness of the 49ers.

Big thanks to Kevin for being a good sport about this. Check out the Acme Packing Company video thread as well. I'm sure his readers will give him endless crap about this one.