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NFC Championship Game odds: 49ers climb to -4.5 vs. Falcons

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We take a look at the latest spread as the 49ers are climbing as favorites in the NFC Championship Game.

MGM Grand Sports Book

While the 49ers and Falcons did not practice on Monday, and things are relatively quiet early in any game week, that does not keep the money from rolling in to sports books. The 49ers opened as three point favorites over the Falcons, but the line was quickly bumped to 3 1/2 points. That line is increasing even more, as it now sits at 49ers -4.5.

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For comparison's sake, I was reading somewhere that the 3 1/2 figure had made the 49ers the largest road favorite in 30 conference title games. As the line keeps going up, that number is likely only increasing. I'm going to try and do some research to see those previous lines favoring road teams.

The betting public clearly loves them some 49ers, while also not being totally excited by the Falcons. As disconcerting as this might be for some of us, such is the way of the public. We may prefer the 49ers be underdogs heading into this game, but that is just not the case. The home team generally gets three points just for being at home. That would mean to a certain extent, the 49ers are over a touchdown favorite at this point. That's not entirely the way it works, but you get the general idea.

After the Falcons collapse and near-loss on Sunday, I'm not surprised the 49ers have emerged as favorites. It doesn't make me any more comfortable with that status, but that just leaves the 49ers to handle their business like professionals. As Patrick Willis said after beating the Packers, this team is on a mission. It has run into roadblocks along the way, but the 49ers are in a position to get one step away from the mountain top. If they have to be the big, bad favorite to do it, so be it.

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