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49ers snap count vs. Packers: What to glean for the NFC Championship Game

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We break down the 49ers snap count from their 45-31 win over the Green Bay Packers.

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While we are looking ahead to the 49ers-Falcons NFC Championship Game this week, a quick look back at the snap count for the divisional round game provides some information worth carrying over. The 49ers rolled late, and their offensive explosion, combined with a strong second half of defense resulted in a lopsided offense to defense snap count.

Perrish Cox was the biggest beneficiary of snaps on Saturday thanks to the 49ers more extensive use of their dime defense. This followed the pattern of the first game, although Cox had a lower snap count this time around. Heading into Atlanta, the 49ers will likely see their secondary plenty busy. They received a bit of a blessing in disguise in this regard against Green Bay. Chris Culliver left with a cramp at one point, and Tramaine Brock got a few snaps. He gave up a catch to Jordy Nelson, but he made a huge tackle of Randall Cobb at one point.

Isaac Sopoaga saw limited playing time on Saturday, finishing with three snaps. The 49ers will likely go with a lot of nickel on Sunday against Atlanta, so he will see limited snaps once again.

One guy who was not limited was Justin Smith, who took part in 53 of 58 defensive snaps. Even when he was 100% he would often sit a few snaps each game. The Packers were quick to drop the double-teams on him last weekend, so we'll see how active the Falcons offensive line is against Smith. The 49ers took some time to get more pressure on Aaron Rodgers, so we'll see what they can get on Matt Ryan. The Falcons were ranked No. 8 in adjusted sack rate, so it won't be the smoothest of sailing trying to get pressure on Ryan.

You can read through the entire Gamebook HERE (PDF).

Offense had 78 total plays.

# of Plays


78 (100%)

Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Colin Kaepernick

76 (97%)

Jonathan Goodwin, Alex Boone

74 (95%)

Vernon Davis

68 (87%)

Michael Crabtree

57 (73%)

Delanie Walker

49 (63%)

Frank Gore

40 (51%)

Bruce Miller

39 (50%)

Randy Moss

23 (29%)

LaMichael James

20 (26%)

Ted Ginn Jr.

7 (9%)

A.J. Jenkins

6 (8%)

Leonard Davis

5 (6%)

Daniel Kilgore

3 (4%)

Garrett Celek

2 (3%)

Will Tukuafu

1 (1%)

Anthony Dixon

Defense had 58 total plays.

# of Plays


58 (100%)

Dashon Goldson, Tarell Brown, Aldon Smith, Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner

54 (93%)

Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald

53 (91%)

NaVorro Bowman, Justin Smith

49 (84%)

Patrick Willis

48 (83%)

Chris Culliver

18 (31%)

Perrish Cox

8 (14%)

Tramaine Brock

7 (12%)

Ricky Jean Francois

3 (5%)

Isaac Sopoaga

1 (2%)

Will Tukuafu

Here is the special teams breakdown for the entire team:

# of Plays


22 (69%)

Darcel McBath

19 (59%)

Bruce Miller, Anthony Dixon, Tramaine Brock, C.J. Spillman, Tavares Gooden, Larry Grant

18 (56%)

Michael Wilhoite

14 (44%)

David Akers

13 (41%)

Delanie Walker

12 (38%)

Daniel Kilgore, Garrett Celek

10 (31%)

Brian Jennings, Andy Lee

9 (28%)

Will Tukuafu

8 (25%)

Dashon Goldson

7 (22%)

Joe Staley, Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, Jonathan Goodwin, Mike Iupati, Leonard Davis, Perrish Cox

6 (19%)

Tarell Brown, Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald, Patrick Willis, Ricky Jean Francois, Isaac Sopoaga

5 (16%)

LaMichael James, Ted Ginn Jr.

4 (12%)

NaVorro Bowman, Chris Culliver

1 (3%)

Randy Moss

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