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NFC Championship Game 2013: How the 49ers got here

We take a look at the five of the biggest storylines of the 49ers season, as viewed through play highlights.

As long as the 49ers remain alive in the NFL playoffs, I am planning on upping the video production for Niners Nation. Earlier this week I posted an initial preview video looking quickly at the divisional weekend and ahead to 49ers-Falcons.

Now I'm back with a look at some highlights that I felt best exemplified the 49ers season. I did not hit on every storyline, but I think these five highlights provide a taste of what made the 49ers who they have been. These are not the biggest highlight reel plays of the year, but rather, more subtle plays that provide some insight into these 49ers.

I focused in on five plays:

1. Michael Crabtree converting a 3rd and 14 against Detroit
2. Mike Iupati pancaking Clay Mathews
3. Dashon Goldson's big hit on Aaron Hernandez
4. Colin Kaepernick's 50-yard run against the Rams
5. Alex Smith's concussion

The latter isn't exactly a highlight, but obviously it is the impetus for the biggest story of the year. The rest of the plays go to discuss bigger picture stories than just the plays. I used the plays to help highlight the stories of the season. We've produced a good bit of content, and this might be my favorite so far. The video from the field at Candlestick was fun, but I think this one features the best combination of information, personality and great video work.

Give the video above a look and let me know what you think of it. After that, below you can check out Matt Ufford and Brad Wells' preview video for Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Matt's a Seahawks fan and Brad's a Colts fan, but I felt like they really did a solid job in breaking down some of the key matchups.