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NFL bad lip-reading video: Joe Staley said WHAT to Colin Kaepernick?

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We take a look at some video of some intentionally bad lip reading, which features a pair of 49ers clips.

This is some pretty amazing stuff. Tip of the cap to Deadspin for finding a pretty easy "viral" video. This video has taken various in-game interviews and random situations and provided new audio thanks to reading the players, coaches and officials lips. Although it is entirely ridiculous, it is amazing how much it looks like the people involved are saying these things.

The video features a pair of 49ers situations. The first involves Joe Staley talking to Colin Kaepernick, and is the second clip in the video, after Adrian Peterson's chat with Pam Oliver. The second involves head coach Jim Harbaugh and is the fifth clip in. The voice is obviously different, but it wouldn't shock me if he was saying something similar. The entire video is filled with great stuff, so I highly recommend checking it out.

If you enjoy this video, there is plenty more Bad Lip Reading over at YouTube.