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Chip Kelly hired by Philadelphia Eagles: Thoughts from Pac-12 fans?

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We open the floor for discussion about Chip Kelly agreeing to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles


This is completely off-topic from the 49ers playoff and draft content we've had thus far, but I figured it was seismic enough to be worth some discussion. The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that Oregon coach Chip Kelly has agreed to terms to become their next head coach. He was reportedly headed back to Oregon, but obviously Philly showed him the money and the power.

We've got plenty of Pac-12 football fans here, as well as general NFL aficionados, so I figured it was worth opening up a thread for discussion. Kelly could be great, or he could flame out spectacularly, but either way this is a big deal.

If you want to talk coaches in general, the Chicago Bears hired one-time 49ers OC and QB Coach Marc Trestman. He spent the last five years in the CFL, so we'll see what he brings to the table this coming season with the Bears.

The 49ers will face neither team next season, but again, it's interesting to discuss.