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Golden Nuggets: Vernon Davis ready for monster day? More love for Colin Kaerpernick

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Thursday, January 17, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Stephen Dunn

Good morning, all. Welcome to another edition of Niners Nuggets. There's so much news flying around, what with us smack dab in the middle of our playoff run. There is a ton of links, once again, and it's about 105 degrees (cooling as we speak) so I'm going to have to be brief again. Hope nobody holds it against me.

With all the news on the 49ers coming out it's a bit hard to keep up with. I want a bit of feedback from you guys on what you would prefer. I can keep going as I have over the last two and do this massive amount of links or pare it down a bit and try to get a bit more discussion going? What do you think? Is everyone actually going to all of these links or is it too much. I only have a certain amount of time I can donate to the Nuggets when I do would that best be spent in the face of such massive linkage? It's good to have a voice....use it!

49ers 45, Packers 31

Hey, here's my recap from the Packers game. It's pretty basic stuff, really. Colin Kaepernick went crazy. Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and the entire offensive line played outstanding. Tarell Brown and Patrick Willis get props for the defense. Thanks for clicking. | 49ers vs Packers: Kaepernick sets records; Niners offense dominates Green Bay (Malone)

Kevin Lynch has some thoughts from the Packers game as well as some insight into how that might play out in the Falcons game. Green Bay was mildly successful when employing a 'spy' against Kap. | Final thoughts and observations from the 49ers' win over Green Bay (SF Gate)

49ers at Falcons

Here's a good Xs and Os piece from's Chris Burke about what a certain #85 might be licking his chops over. | Break it down: Can Vernon Davis copy Zach Miller's success? (

Here's a bit of Q&A with a Falcons perspective to it. | Q&A with the Falcoholic - You can't spell elite without Matt Ryan (BASG)

After Greg Roman's magnum opus of a play calling performance, he'll be tested this week by Mike Nolan, our former head coach. Enter your own plot line here ______ | 49ers-Falcons key matchup No. 3: Roman vs Nolan (Maiocco)

Practice report: Looks like all present, including Joe Staley (Inman)

Vernon Davis has an opportunity to shine against Falcons (Gin)

How much do the Falcons really need John Abraham? (BASG)

Injury report: Conference championship games (CBS Sports)

Nolan wasn't a complete failure with 49ers (

Donte Whitner: 49ers more prepped for NFC title game (

Justin Smith: 49ers were giddy last year, all business this year (Barrows)

Justin Smith feels good about triceps, 49ers' mindset (Maiocco)

Falcons think being physical the way to stop Kaepernick (Pro Football Talk)

Atlanta players never doubted that Matt Ryan would rally them (Mercury News)

49ers prepare for dome challenge (Mercury News)

In a close game, Falcons may have an edge (SF Gate)

49ers seek to break long road playoff drought (Yahoo!)

Colin Kaepernick Stories

There should be, at this point, very little debate about the quarterback switch. I was on the fence at the time, leaning more toward Alex Smith, but not because I thought he was better, but because I thought a switch of that magnitude would be too much for a team midseason. Faith in Harbaalke. But the title here shows a massive difference between the two, and you can see it in the New York Giants game this season... | Rally Kap: Four INTs followed by four TD drives; Smith 10 INTs followed by 0 TDs (Inman)

QBR ranks: Young QBs set high standard (Sando)

Colin Kaepernick, Matt Ryan striking contrast (SF Gate)

Frank Gore: Colin Kaepernick was special from the start (

Harbaugh discusses Kaepernick's ability to rebound from turnovers (Gin)

Our favorite fan 'Kaepernicking' shots (SF Gate)

Colin Kaepernick caps busy week with NFC title game (

Kaepernick's claim to fame: Ignore all accolades (Inman)

Kaepernick defining 'new breed' of QBs behind crack coaches (CSN Bay Area)

Harbaugh: Taunting call on Kaepernick 'ticky-tack' (Maiocco)

Kaepernick's father is proud, gratified (SF Gate)

Assorted 49ers News

Justin Smith talks about his arm brace which would generally be a non-story, except that he's the most important player on the planet! | Justin Smith in midst of love-hate relationship with arm brace (Inman)

Now this is just another example of Coach Harbaugh thinking outside of the box and motivating his players to be great. I love this one. | Remember when: Harbaugh reminds players where they come from (Barrows)

Here's a good story, by SI's Jim Trotter, about Frank Gore, what he means and has meant to the team, and why he is so great. | Frank Gore's resiliency an inspiration to 49ers (

2013 Kiper mock: 49ers thoughts (Sando)

Jonathan Goodwin lead athletic O-Line (

Madden likes what he sees of 49ers' game (SF Gate)

Andy Lee feels at home in a dome (

Harbaugh transcript: 'Kick 'em on the shins and get back to work' (Inman)

Howie Long on Justin Smith: 'He's at another level' (Branch)

Coach's notebook: Jan 16 (

LaMichael James believes Chip Kelly a good hire (SF Gate)

49ers keep defensive coordinator guessing (Branch)

Playoff News

Vegas pulling for Pats-49ers, dreading Ravens-Falcons (CBS Sports)

49ers, Ravens once more just one step away (

Video / Assorted Media

Can 49ers pick up where Seahawks left off? (Sando)

Dwight Clark on KNBR (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh (

Press pass: Justin Smith (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Press pass: Patrick Willis (

The remix: 49ers vs Packers (

And in case you haven't seen this yet.... | Bad lip-reading features the 49ers (SF Gate)

Both of the next two videos are from CBS Sports, have stories related to the titles and, inexplicably, unrelated videos attached that are worth a watch.

Falcons look to keep Colin Kaepernick inside the pocket (CBS Sports)

49ers look to the past for motivation against Falcons (CBS Sports)

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