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Jaguars hire Gus Bradley: Greg Roman staying with 49ers?

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We break down the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars hired Gus Bradley to be their head coach. What does this mean for Greg Roman and the 49ers?


The big news this morning has the Jacksonville Jaguars hiring Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley as their new head coach. This operates as a piece of double good news. The first is that Greg Roman is more likely to be sticking around with the 49ers in 2013. The second is the Seahawks losing their defensive coordinator.

I know some people get frustrated with some play-calling inconsistencies, but as he showed against the Packers, and has done with other teams, Greg Roman can put together some pretty great game plans. I think with a full offseason focused on Colin Kaepernick, things can only improve.

The second half of this is that Seattle has to find a new defensive coordinator. They could potentially try and come snooping around Jim Tomsula after the 49ers playoff season ends, but the 49ers can deny permission if it does not involve a head coaching job. I need to do a bit more research, but it will be interesting to see how this impacts a Seahawks defense that has been developing into a very strong unit.

The Arizona Cardinals remain the only team left looking for a head coach. The reports seem to indicate Bruce Arians is closing in on that job, but it remains open. We'll want to keep tabs on that one.

For now, I'd say this qualifies as a good bit of news heading into Sunday's NFC Championship Game.