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Manti Te'o: Could "hoax" hurt draft stock?

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We open up discussion on the situation Manti Te'o has found himself in. Could it hurt his draft stock?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As most of you have heard by now, Manti Te'o was the victim of a "hoax". A hoax in which people made up his girlfriend and killed her off. The other possibility is Te'o made her up and lied about the whole thing. Deadspin put together a very detailed article breaking down this hoax, pointing the finger in Manti's direction. While it's too early to deem him a con artist or liar, the details that are coming out don't look good and I'm sure there are more details to come. I'd also like to point out Deadspin broke the news of the Brett Favre's text messages to Jenn Sterger. This isn't there first go around breaking something big.

I live about an hour away from Notre Dame, and most of the people around here are tweeting their support for him and feel he is the victim. Outside of my neck of the woods I haven't seen as much sympathy to go around.

Could this hurt his draft stock? Conceivably it could, if it becomes clear fact that Te'o lied. Some teams may pass on him for that reason and the distractions it would bring along with it. Te'o also had a really bad game in the National Championship where he missed some open field tackles, couldn't wrap up on others, and was manhandled by the Alabama offensive line. The combination of these two things have me thinking he could fall a little in the draft.

Twitter almost broke yesterday when the story was published, so I wanted to give our community a chance to react to it. What do you guys think of the situation? One thing is for sure, the situation is very strange.