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NFC Championship Game 2013 video: A look at schematics and personnel

A breakdown of the Falcons from the perspective of a Carolina Panthers blogger.

Since the NFL has 28 teams sitting on the sideline right now, SB Nation has some video talent free and ready to help get us ready for Sunday's conference title games. James Dator of Cat Scratch Reader took a few minutes to chat about this weekend's matchup and provide a bit of context from an outside perspective.

James chatted a bit about Cam Newton's work against the Falcons this season, while also providing some broader discussion about the Falcons offense and defense. While you might disagree with some of his takes about the 49ers, I think his insight into the Falcons is helpful given the divisional rivalry.

I'll be back later this afternoon/early evening with a video look at some of the matchups and storylines of this Sunday's game.