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49ers waive Billy Cundiff in advance of NFC Championship Game

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We break down the news that the 49ers have cut their reserve kicker, securing David Akers job for a little longer.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The San Francisco 49ers announced that they have waived kicker Billy Cundiff. The move opens up a roster spot for the team as they head into the weekend. I would not be surprised to see Eric Bakhtiari added back to the roster this weekend. He has bounced back and forth on the roster, so we'll see if he gets back on the roster.

David Akers had secured the kicker job last week, rendering Cundiff largely irrelevant. He was inactive last Sunday, and his only chance to really stick around was likely to be if Akers struggled against the Packers. Akers had one field goal and a host of extra points.

If Akers struggles against the Falcons and it costs the team, an extra kicker won't make a difference. If Akers struggles and the team advances to the Super Bowl, the team can always bring Cundiff or another kicker in during the bye week to prep for the Super Bowl.