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NFC Championship Game 2013 preview videos: Together at last!

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Take a look at a variety of preview videos SB Nation Studios has developed over the last week


Over the course of the week, we've been developing some video preview content to help break down the 2013 NFC Championship Game. It's a monstrous opportunity for both the 49ers and Falcons, and I think we've done a fairly solid job all week getting plenty of content posted.

Since we've had so much content, it is pretty easy to miss out on some of it. Every Friday, Aaron takes a look at some of the best content of the week for his This Week in Niners Nation post. For this week, I thought I'd compile all the video related to Sunday's game, so folks can give it a look. If the 49ers are able to win on Sunday and advance to the Super Bowl, we'll really blow out the video production over the next two weeks.

Whenever the 49ers season does end, it will not mark the end of the video production for the offseason. We'll have plenty of content previewing free agency and the NFL Draft, as well as reviewing what goes down in both major events. In the meantime, enjoy some 49ers-Falcons video:

This was my initial preview video, immediately after the Falcons had defeated the Seahawks. It was meant as a quick look back at the divisional weekend, and a quick look ahead to the conference championship game.

Brad Wells and Matt Ufford provide their thoughts on a variety of key aspects of the NFC title game. They are not 49ers fans, which allows for a bit of an outside look at things.

This is my look at five plays that helped tell the story of the 49ers 2012 season, and how they got to the NFC Championship Game.

James Dator of Cat Scratch Reader took a look at some key personnel and schematic matchups in Sunday's NFC title game. As a Panthers fan, his team has faced the Falcons twice, so he has a bit of a unique perspective.

Caleb Rutherford of The Falcoholic takes a look at who has the advantage in several matchups on Sunday.

I previewed some of the keys to the conference title game.