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Golden Nuggets: 49ers sign Billy Cundiff, questions about AJ Jenkins

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Wednesday, January 2, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Ahh....I'm back. I had a bit of time off from writing, while me and the misses (wife, not FGs) went away for the holiday to the lovely Mt. Dandenong region, long a getaway for the jetset crowd from Melbourne. OK, I don't know about all that. It's the Mt. Tamulpais of Melbourne. Pretty enough place that it's nice to go to, but close enough that everyone does. Either way, it was nice to get out of the city. I saw Fooch was late getting the Nuggets up as my replacement. He should take a close look at what happened to Mr. Akers....

As for David Akers...I think he's a great guy, but it's way overdue that something be done about his kicking. If you take away the two Rams games, which he should have won, we're tied with the Atlanta Falcons for No. 1 seed (not sure who would have won the tiebreaker as I'm not a mathemagician). He also cost us in the Vikings game, if my memory serves me, but I don't feel like that was a game we deserved or should have won.

So what we have is a competition between Akers and freshly inked Billy Cundiff, famous for his FG miss. But Akers' confidence or mojo or whatever is destroyed, and I don't see how either one of these guys distinguishes them self in practice from the other. All we need is someone who is money from inside 50. Then we can squib kick the kickoffs if he's got a week leg, go for it on 4th and short once we've crossed midfield and as for FGs outside of 50...skip em and let Andy Lee pin people inside the 5-yard line. Our defense should be able to make up for the consequences of giving up those dicey FG opportunities. It's harder for the D when a missed FG gives the opponent such good field position. That's my two cents. Did you know Australia doesn't have pennies? Smallest coin is a 5-cent piece. There's my five cents.

There's not much news, as I'm searching out stuff posted on New Year's. There's some stories on the kickers. A few bits on AJ Jenkins and how he MUST produce now. How do people feel about him at this point? I express my views in, oh....about 5 seconds. GO!

The Links

Christian Gin echoes my sentiments on rookie A.J. Jenkins. "He is a work in progress, but the 49ers need him now if they want to go deep in the postseason." I understand he's a project, but if he was such a project, that he was unable to add a single reception, could we not have drafted him later? I mean, projects are drafted in the third-round. He's got to play well or we're going to have some issues in the postseason. And with Randy Moss at No. 2 receiver underproducing, No. 3 receiver is a major liability. | 49ers wide receiving depth is in trouble (Gin)

I'll let Kyle Bonagura give you the news about Billy Cundiff. | Report: 49ers sign K Billy Cundiff (Bonagura)

Hey, leave it to the good people at BASG to do a piece on exactly what I was writing about earlier: 49ers' 4th-down decisions. They say the 49ers should punt when they're inside the opponents 50 (depending on the distance of the 4th down, obviously). | Harbaugh's conservative strategy could hurt 49ers in the playoffs (BASG)

Matt Barrows gives us the lowdown on our coaching situation. We've got three possible escapees in Greg Roman, Vic Fangio and Jim Tomsula. But flying under the radar is Director of Player Personnel Tom Gamble, who is getting a lot of attention for GM vacancies. Barrows' notes that Alex Smith could follow Roman. | 49ers assistant shuffle? Follow the GM searches (Barrows)

Eric Branch chimes in on AJ Jenkins. He wonders if the 49ers drafted the right guy and notes that the praise that was heaped on him at the start of the year has softened in recent weeks. | 49ers hoping for first contribution from first-round pick (Branch)

And Matt Maiocco gets on the scoreboard late in the game with this post. | 49ers waive Eric Bakhtiari to make room for Cundiff (Maiocco)

Interesting that every voter for ESPN's power rankings has Atlanta at No. 2. Based on record...I guess they're first. Or if you go by level of play, they're about 7th in my book. Nobody reads my book. | NFL power rankings: How they voted (Sando)

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