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Tom Gamble interviews with Jaguars, catches Jets interest

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Tom Gamble has reportedly interviewed with Jaguars ownership. We take a look at the possible landing spots for Gamble.

Ezra Shaw

While the 49ers coaches get ready for their divisional round game in two weeks, their front office personnel and assistant coaches are available for interviews until January 6. The most prominent name thus far has been that of Tom Gamble, the 49ers director of player personnel. There have been numerous reports indicating the Jaguars, Jets and Chargers have all asked permission to interview Gamble.

The latest news is that Gamble interviewed with Jaguars owner Shad Khan on Tuesday in the Bay Area. Additionally, the New York Jets have reportedly moved Gamble to the top of their list, thanks in part to a strong recommendation from former Colts President Bill Polian. Gamble worked for Polian as a college scout from 1998 to 2004. I have yet to see further information about the Chargers reported interest in Gamble.

At this point, my money is on Jacksonville ending up as Gamble's final destination. The Jets are certainly high profile, but it sounds like Rex Ryan will be returning as head the coach. That is not to say that Gamble would be against working with him, but it seems like a new GM would prefer bringing in his own coach. The Jaguars have not fired Mike Mularkey yet, but it also sounds like Mularkey's fate will be determined by the new general manager. That provides Gamble, or which ever personnel person takes over, a chance to completely implement their philosophy, without concerns for a power struggle.

There has occasionally been some chatter about the Jaguars relocating at some point. That would play into a candidate's decision since a move would be something to factor in from a personal standpoint. However, the Jaguars signed a lease through 2027, Khan has apparently put in $3 million for upgrading the locker room at their stadium, and Khan is looking at building a new practice bubble. That doesn't mean they won't move, but they would seem to be strong indicators the team will stick around for the foreseeable future.

As we wait for some sort of finality to coaching and front office searches, we will continue to provide updates. I have set up a story stream that will contain any coach/GM rumors and news. I'll drop it in the front page layout every so often, but feel free to bookmark it as well.