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NFC Championship Game 2013: Trying to predict the offensive game plan

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We take one last look at the 49ers offense and the potential game plan against the Atlanta Falcons.

Stephen Dunn

The 49ers and Falcons kick off in just a few short hours, but in the meantime, we're left to talk amongst ourselves trying to make the time go by a little bit faster.

We've talked about the 49ers offense in numerous ways, and I figured I'd put the final bow on that topic with an opportunity for some predictions. We know Colin Kaepernick and this offense go in numerous directions, creating some helpful unpredictability. The question is which direction do they go later today?

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We saw Kaepernick rush 16 times for 181 yards in a dominating ground performance. He was solid through the air, but last week's win will long be remembered because of Kaepernick's legs. After the game, Kaepernick mentioned how the team had played a bit of possum the preview few weeks when it came to the pistol and his scrambling in order to take it off the film and lull in the team's first playoff opponent. Mission accomplished.

Of course, that was a one-time thing since there is no way the Falcons will be lulled away from the pistol this week. The question is how the Falcons game-plan, and how the 49ers in turn adjust. The 49ers will still use some pistol, but odds would seem high that is a fair amount less than last week. The Falcons did not spy Russell Wilson last week, nor did they spy Cam Newton, and while both QBs had big rushing games, the Falcons also won all three games two of the three games.

Will we see more traditional work from the rushing and passing attack? That's not to say Gore did not have a big workload last week. His 23 carries equaled his single game high this season. Will we see more LaMichael James? Maybe the 49ers go pistol but hand off to James more inside.

How do you see the 49ers offense approaching this game and a fully prepared Falcons defense?

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