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NFC Championship Game: 49ers player tweets on game day

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We take a look at player tweets on game-day morning before the NFC Championship Game.

Ricky Jean Francois tweet

The 49ers are less than four hours away from kickoff, so I thought I'd roll out a few of the player tweets from this morning. Ricky Jean-Francois seems the most amped up from this group, but there are some fired up players.

One thing I like seeing this early is that most of the tweets are from role players, that are important, but are not starting. By this, I mean that the 49ers primary starters are hopefully locked in on the game. We might see some tweets as the game gets closer and the juices are flowing, but as has been the case leading up to this game, it is time to take care of business.

Last year, the 49ers might have been "happy to be there" when they faced the Giants. This team would appear to be not quite so satisfied. Given what is at stake, that is a very good thing.

And so, we wait for kickoff!