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Eyewitness backs up Michael Crabtree's version of events, according to report

Earlier today, Adam Schefter tweeted out that a source with the 49ers thought it was highly doubtful Michael Crabtree would be charged in connection with the sexual assault investigation. Mike Sando had a follow-up post on that information, and it sounds like there may have been an eyewitness who backed up Crabtree's version of the events to police.

The follow-up report indicates Crabtree spoke with the police for two hours on Friday, but as has been previously reported, was never booked or charged with any crime. The 49ers reportedly feel "comfortable" Crabtree will not be charged. While this is good news, we still want to wait and see how this officially plays. The police department will eventually finish their investigation into the allegations and potentially submit their information to the District Attorney's office.

Given the high profile nature of Crabtree, I would imagine at some point the police or District Attorney's office will release a statement as to whether he will be charged. If this results in no charges, that will be the point when I am a bit more inclined to finally let out my breath.