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NFC Championship Game inactives: Michael Crabtree, John Abraham both active

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We break down the 49ers and Falcons inactive reports for the NFC Championship Game.

Scott Cunningham

The 49ers and Falcons have released their inactive reports for the NFC Championship Game and there are no surprises. Well, Chad Hall is active and I am a little surprised by that, but it does provide one more special teams options. Michael Crabtree is active and expected to start, and I'd imagine Hall will be unlikely to get any wide receiver snaps. It is not a surprise that Crabtree is active, but worth noting in light of all the news swirling around.

The big question for the Falcons will be the health of John Abraham, and to a lesser extent, that of Jonathan Babineaux. Last week, Abraham aggravated an ankle injury and missed the second half of the Falcons win over the Seahawks. He will play, but one has to wonder whether he is close to 100%. I have to think the 49ers will go at him when he is in the game both with runs, but I also wonder if they will be more inclined to go one-on-one and save double teams for elsewhere on the line. It will be a story to follow throughout the game.

49ers inactives: RB Jewel Hampton, DT Tony Jerod-Eddie, LB Cam Johnson, G Joe Looney, S Trenton Robinson, QB Scott Tolzien, DT Ian Williams

Falcons inactives: QB Dominique Davis, WR Tim Toone, G Phillipkeith Manley, G Harland Gunn, OT Lamar Holmes, DE Lawrence Sidbury, DT Travian Robertson