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NFC championship game recap video: 49ers advance to Super Bowl XLVII

How about a video recap of the 49ers win over the Falcons, featuring your fearless leader getting a little emotional?

Here's your recap video, and I think I was sufficiently emotional for it! I shot this immediately after wrapping up the post-game recap for NN, so suffice to say it was a fairly emotional moment. I was around for the las three 49ers Super Bowl victories, but that doesn't make this any less sweet. In fact, it makes it all the better.

We'll have a whole ton of video this week, but I thought a little in the moment reaction was pretty fitting for this one. I tried to provide some details from the game, but how else would you expect me to respond?

The 49ers will head back to San Francisco for a week of preparations, and then it is time to head to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. The 49ers are undefeated in the Super Bowl, and I think it is time to improve that to 6-0. The Patriots and Ravens are in the midst of a fairly tight defensive battle, and so we wait for what they will provide for the 49ers.