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Super Bowl XLVII Odds: An eaaaarrrly look at the 49ers Super Bowl odds

We take a look at some early Super Bowl odds following the 49ers win over the Falcons

As soon as the Ravens and Patriots wrap up the AFC Championship Game, we will have initial odds for Super Bowl XLVII. In the meantime, our man Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post by way of Las Vegas, had some early odds prior to the NFC Championship Game.

Prior to the NFC title game, the 49ers were looked at as a potential six point favorite over the Baltimore Ravens, and a 1 1/2 point underdog to the New England Patriots. The 49ers were sizable favorites in Sunday's NFC title game, but after a rocky start they bounced back and put together a second half comeback for the win. I think a lot of us were concerned about the favorite status, but the 49ers took care of business in thrilling fashion.

Now, we wait for the winner of the Patriots-Ravens game. The Patriots head into the second half, leading 13-7 in a game that has been a defensive struggle.

Who do you want to see come out of the AFC for Super Bowl XLVII?