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Super Bowl 2013 matchup set: 49ers vs. Ravens in HarBowl!

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We take an initial look at the 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl XLVII matchup. HarBowl is upon us!

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The odds were long heading into the playoffs, but it has happened. After opening the playoffs as a bit of a long-shot at 35/1, HarBowl is at hand. The Baltimore Ravens have pulled off back-to-back upsets as they defeated the New England Patriots 28-13. This followed a huge upset over the Denver Broncos at Mile High. It's safe to say the Ravens are a determined bunch.

And now, we get two weeks of Harbaugh Super Bowl chatter. We will obviously cover this to a certain extent, but while the rest of the media will be focusing on the brothers Harbaugh, we'll be here to provide you with the things that actually matter in this game. It's a great story, but there is plenty more to enjoy in this matchup.

One story that will get plenty of play is Ray Lewis in his final game. Maybe you recall Jerome Bettis in his final game in the Super Bowl. Add in that he's facing his successor as the best linebacker in the league, and it's a story we'll hear plenty about.

We'll have plenty more to talk about. It's worth a quick note that the 49ers have opened as five point favorites over the Ravens, and the over/under is 50. I'm sure that will all move around in the coming days.

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