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Super Bowl 2013 odds: 49ers open as favorite, but line is moving

We break down the early Super Bowl XLVII odds, with the 49ers installed as the favorite.


The close of Championship Sunday means we have early Super Bowl odds. The San Francisco 49ers opened as a five point favorite over the Baltimore Ravens, but the line has already come down a little bit, sitting at 4 1/2 points as of this publication. As I started writing this, it has even gone down to four points in a lot of places in Las Vegas.

I'm not entirely shocked that early money is coming in on the Ravens. This is a team that is on a crazy roll, having now knocked off the solid Indianapolis Colts, followed by the No. 1 seed Denver Broncos and the No. 2 seed New England Patriots. I imagine a lot of people view them as the latest "team of destiny" heading into Super Bowl XLVII.

I'd love to see this line come down under three points, but I think it settles in around 3 1/2 or 4 points moving forward. Both teams have solid momentum, so it will be interesting to see what happens with public perception over the next two weeks of constant noise about the game.

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