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Super Bowl 2013 Tickets: Prices going up, up and away

We take an initial look at Super Bowl XLVII ticket prices, as 49ers fans look to get into the big game.

Jamie Squire

One of the first questions I received on Twitter following the 49ers 28-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons was how to get Super Bowl tickets. There is no such thing as an impossible ticket, but it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend to get to big events like this.

Either 49ers-Ravens OR 49ers-Patriots would have probably been big for Super Bowl tickets, so it should be no surprise that ticket prices are on the way up.

SB Nation has a working relationship with the folks at TiqIQ, and they provided some info on pricing for Super Bowl tickets. TiqIQ aggregates pricing information from across a spectrum of ticket resources. It doesn't mean you'll get "cheap tickets", but it does provide a few more options than just going to StubHub or hunting through Craigslist.

Just to give you an idea of how things are looking at this point, here is some data from throughout Championship Sunday. These prices are likely only going to be going up:

  • The current average ticket price for the Super Bowl is $3,082
  • The current get in price (lowest price to get in) is $1,890
  • There are 5,000+ tickets available for the Super Bowl
  • There are currently suites available for as high as $294,000+
  • Lower level end tickets starting at $2,600+
  • This year's game is currently 20.36% lower than the Super Bowl last season on this date (Giants v Pats-$3,870.43)

Below is a breakdown of ticket price at different times during championship Sunday:

  • Before the NFC Championship
    • Average price-$3,070
    • Get in price-$1,963
    • Quantity available-4,100+
  • After NFC Championship and before AFC Championship
    • Average price-$3,017
    • Get in price-$1,939
    • Quantity available-4,900+
  • After both Championship Games
    • Average price-$3,082
    • Get in price-$1,890
    • Quantity available-5,000+