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NFC Championship Game recap video: Walking through a wild 49ers win

We take a look back at a wild 49ers win with a video recap.

Earlier today, after the 49ers pulled out their highly entertaining, and nerve-wracking win over the Atlanta Falcons, I put together a rather emotional video. You can check that one out below, as it shows pretty much how I felt after a wild, wild game that had me a bit nauseous at times.

After getting a few hours to calm down, I was able to put together a second recap that at least attempted to tell the story of the 49ers win over the Falcons. Naturally I remained a bit excited, but I at least was able to put together a few coherent sentences. You can view that one above.

This was a wild back-and-forth affair, but what I loved about it (among many other things) was how it brought out some old school 49ers in the form of Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. There were a ton of contributions up and down the roster, but seeing Gore and Davis play such pivotal roles was great to see.

One of the big keys to this game was that the 49ers did not abandon the run. Even when the 49ers were down 17-0 and 24-14, they continued to feed Frank Gore. The Falcons rush defense has been inconsistent this season, and the 49ers took advantage of it. Add in setting up the play action, and the rushing attack was key.

Vernon Davis made quite the appearance on the second biggest stage. Davis had more yards on Sunday than he had in the previous six weeks combined. The 49ers had not written him out of the game-plan, but rather, he was doing a lot of blocking and drawing double-teams. Kaepernick was not forcing anything to him and the 49ers were winning. After spending the last two months under the radar, he blew up in a big way.

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