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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers cannot bring back Billy Cundiff

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We take a look at the 49ers kicker situation in light of David Akers' struggles in the NFC Championship Game.

Chris Graythen

We will see plenty of storylines get beaten into the ground, and one such story will be the 49ers kicker situation. While there is plenty of room to celebrate the 49ers victory (and oh boy is there room in the threads from yesterday!), there is also business to be handled moving on.

The kicker will be one such area of concern that the team will need to sort through this week. David Akers got one field goal opportunity, a 38-yarder that would have tied the game in the third quarter, and doinked it off the upright. He had reportedly been hitting long-ones with ease in pre-game practice, but it didn't matter come game time as he came up short on his one attempt.

If the 49ers do consider alternatives to Akers, they will not be able to bring back Billy Cundiff. The 49ers waived him on Friday, and roster rules prevent the team from signing him back for the Super Bowl.

Will the 49ers look at other kickers during the coming week before they head to New Orleans? Or is it Akers or bust at this point? Thankfully it ended up not mattering, but it remains out there to potentially bite the 49ers in the butt in their quest for Lombardi No. 6.

At this point, there are really not any decent kickers remaining on the free agent market, so the 49ers might just be stuck with Akers. It's a curious situation to say the least, especially considering the two weeks of chatter we'll see on this issue for the next two weeks.