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Golden Nuggets: 49ers going to Super Bowl; Ravens await us in the Harbowl

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Monday, January 21, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


I'm still a bit in shock, a bit in awe, and a lot out of breath. What a game from our favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers. I was sceptical when they fell behind 17-0. Why? Not because I'm a bad fan, but because Greg Roman usually decides to completely abandon the run and we become a one-dimensional team that's down 17, instead of a great team down 17. Alas, not today! Roman called another amazing game. Hats off to the man who missed out on a coaching job due to our Super Bowl run. He took one for the team. Atlanta did a good job at not letting Kaepernick beat them keeping the ball on the read-option, but at the expense of letting all three touchdown runs come via the running back on the read-option.

Frank Gore was huge with his two touchdowns. Vernon Davis is alive. Doc Brown must have hooked him up to a flex capacitator or something, because he was going 85 miles per hour all day. Tarell Brown made a huge play. Ahmad Brooks may have been the defensive player of the game, batting down two balls and putting the final whooping on Matt Ryan.

What to worry about going forward? Baltimore has a similar passing game. Tory Smith is a monster and Anquan Boldin has caught fire. Dennis Pitta is a threat everywhere and Joe Flacco is proving he's elite, right when the old contract comes up! And then there's Ray Rice, which is probably the scariest thing. When we give up 100 yards or more on the ground we are 1-3-1. In the playoffs, the only two backs I was afraid of were Marshawn Lynch and Ray Rice. That's not a slight to Arian Foster, I just knew we weren't going to be playing the Texans. Then there's Ray Lewis and the mojo he's bringing right now. But Rice did not have a great game the last time we faced them, nor did he have a big one yesterday.

And, oh...hate to say it...but that 'choke' label that Matt Ryan and the Falcons shed last weekend with their victory over the Seahawks might be hung back around their neck. We'll see how kind the Atlanta sports media is to them in the coming days. I feel bad for them, myself. Links......

49ers 28, Falcons 24

BASG notes how well the team made adjustments, how we came back from a serious deficit for the first time in what seems like a decade and how we shook the W-W-L pattern. | 49ers are headed to Super Bowl XLVII (BASG)

The defense got off to a bad start, with Julio Jones outgaining the 49ers' offense 120 to -2 at one point in the game. But the D shut it down in the second half, holding Atlanta scoreless behind some stellar play by some of our lesser known names. Ahmad Brooks gains recognition for his big plays, among others. | 49ers comeback spurred by unsung performances on defense (CBS Sports)

Here's a good way to relive the 49ers' epic stand to keep Atlanta out of the end zone, a sequence that sent our boys on to the Super Bowl. | How 49ers stopped Falcons cold (

49ers punch ticket to Super Bowl in wild comeback, stun Falcons 28-24 (SB Nation)

49ers punch their Super Bowl ticket with a 28-24 comeback win over Falcons (Gin)

Rapid reaction: 49ers 28, Falcons 24 (Sando)

NFC Championship: By the numbers (CBS Sports)

Colin Kaepernick proves no moment too big for him (

NaVorro Bowman becomes part of 49ers lore with a clutch fourth-down pass breakup (Yahoo!)

49ers going to Super Bowl after beating Atlanta (Inman)

49ers survive ups and downs (Purdy)

Maiocco's instant replay: 49ers 28, Falcons 24 (Maiocco)

49ers win with seventh-best playoff comeback, best-ever in NFC title game (Inman)

What me worry? 49ers stick to plan, stick it to Falcons (Barrows)

Jed York (partial) transcript: 'I picked up Jax and held him. That's when we went and scored' (Inman)

Notebook: Akers befuddled by latest miss; Harbaugh, York support Crabtree; Heart's happy return (Inman)

What sparked 49ers second-half defensive turnaround (CSN Bay Area)

49ers' patience pays off with trip to Super Bowl (Maiocco)

Notes: Vernon Davis reemerges as part of 49ers' plan (Maiocco)

NaVorro Bowman sees Falcons final play coming (Maiocco)

Kaepernick, Justin Smith embrace the moment (Maiocco)

Notes: TE Davis has another playoff performance to remember (Branch)

Falcons cooled after Julio Jones' start (SF Gate)

Kid quarterback cool as a Kaepernick (SF Gate)

Notebook: Defense seals the deal (

Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers vs Ravens

All week long, observers and players alike noted that the team had a different feel than last years playoff team. The 2011 49ers were playing with house money once they finished above .500 and it showed in the NFCCG. This year, the team is focused and has their eyes on the prize. | Super Bowl-bound 49ers not celebrating yet (Sando)

The Super "Harbowl" and other angles you'll get tired of over the next two weeks (BASG)

Super Bowl 2013 game time, kickoff, location for 49ers vs Ravens (DeSimone)

Quick take: 49ers vs Ravens (Sando)

Super Bowl XLVII: By the numbers (CBS Sports)

Harbowl rematch all set for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans (Inman)

Assorted News

This is a relief for everyone, especially Michael Crabtree. Hopefully the report is true. | Report: Source 'highly doubts' Michael Crabtree will be charged (CBS Sports)

This is the other thing that troubles me going forward. We cut Billy Cundiff to make room for Chad Hall, but what about David Akers. What a horrible 'DOINK.' It really could have cost us that game. I do not want to lose a Super Bowl because of a PK. | Akers: 'I'm here until they tell me otherwise' (Branch)

It seems like wherever we go this crap follows us. | Report: Fan stabbed after 49ers-Falcons game in Atlanta (CSN Bay Area)

Jim Harbaugh's legacy on verge of being defined (

Videos / Assorted Media

This is what my family did to their dog. | Poor Poo, Sigh (My sister Julie)

And for those of you who love the passion that our coach brings to the game, we have an endless loop. It wasn't funny at the time, but in hindsight... | Enjoy drama queen Harbaugh on infinite loop (SF Gate)

PHOTOS - 49ers rally to end 18-year Super Bowl drought (Branch)

Game highlights: 49ers 28, Falcons 24 (

Matt & Mindi: Harbaugh's QB change proves wise (CSN Bay Area)

Press pass: Vernon Davis (

Press pass: Justin Smith (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh (

Press pass: Frank Gore (

49ers complete comeback, reach Super Bowl (

Cover 2: NFC Championship Game (

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